The fastest leaking information from the Trump administration just happened. The president told his presidential campaign advisers that β€œAnthony Fauci is an idiot and a disaster”. And there were no recommendations from the president that these disparaging remarks, in relation to Anthony Fauci, be kept confidential.

The Republican presidential campaign team immediately leaked derogatory comments about America’s leading infectious disease specialist.

US.LUXURY assesses that the leak of verbal assaults is intended to function as a β€œvaccine”, to inhibit Anthony Fauci, with the purpose that the doctor makes an effort to keep his mouth shut, preferably until election day , on November 3rd.

Republicans often say that Anthony Fauci loves to talk to journalists and send his messages, especially when he is not with the president.

Trump’s ire was heightened after Fauci said he was not surprised that the president was infected with the COVID-19 virus.

Continuing with derogatory comments about Fauci, Trump said β€œhe has been here for 500 years. If I listened to him, we would have 500,000 deaths. If I had listened to scientists, the US would be in a great depression.”

Anthony Fauci is seen as an enemy by Donald Trump. But the political cost of firing Fauci may now be greater than the expected benefits.