Republicans demand a change of rule, after reporting on Hunter Biden. And Twitter makes big changes.

My grandmother said: β€œWhoever is afraid obeys”.

TWITTER changes its rules on sharing hacked material after a report on Hunter Biden appears.

Twitter surprised by changing its rules on sharing hacked material after the disclosure of Hunter Biden’s private emails.

The release of E-mails and private photos of Joseph Biden’s son resulted in a furious reaction from Republicans.

Twitter was accused of explicit censorship and favoring Democrats. After having its neutrality questioned, Twitter made major changes.

Twitter now makes it a rule that sharing hacked material is allowed. However, hackers themselves or persons associated with them cannot disclose information obtained illegally.

Was Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey afraid of Republican threats?

US.LUXURY does not have this information.

Ask him directly. Your Twitter is @jack.

Attention, @jack. Old Joe is not happy with you.