Donald Trump attacks Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and accuses both of them of prioritizing the rescue of Democratic states.

President Donald Trump has severely criticized Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, accusing both of them of promoting a party maneuver that aims to bail out states administered by Democratic governors.

Trump, during his administration, has repeatedly accused Democratic states of being poorly managed. In Trump’s view, these governors want to take advantage of the relief needed to mitigate the consequences of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, with the purpose of promoting the Democratic party’s agenda.

Trump thinks the blue states are wasteful of public revenues and spend the money collected from the American taxpayer poorly.

“Just don’t see any way Nancy Pelosi and Cryin’ Chuck Schumer will be willing to do what is right for our great American workers, or our wonderful USA itself, on Stimulus. Their primary focus is BAILING OUT poorly run (and high crime) Democrat cities and states. Should take care of our people. It wasn’t their fault that the Plague came in from China!” Said President Donald Trump.